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Stop processing html apart from 1 tag

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Right, I have a PM system which allows members to send messages to each other

Now, when reading these messages I want to protect the script by disabling the processing of html

So, if a member types out a message like so "<b>hi</b> how are you

Then hi will not be in bold, it will simply be displayed with those bold tags around it, the same as it works on here

However, and this is the tricky part, I want it to stop the processing of any HTML, apart from the <img> tags (for use with displaying emoticons in the message)

Any feasable way to go about this?

On the same note, I also want any PHP in messages to be displayed on page, not parsed or ignored

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See [url=http://www.php.net/strip_tags]http://www.php.net/strip_tags[/url].


echo strip_tags($msg, "<img>");


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