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How to parse an HTML page?

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First of all, thanks to anyone who will try to answer this.

I'm doing a projet in which I need to get some information from a web page. I'm using Apache2 for windows and php 4.4.4.
I have to use the mod_status function to get information from the current requests of the server.
My server is on localhost (port 80) so I call the function with the request: [code]http://localhost/server-status[/code]
This is the page I get (printed it in 2 images):

The information I have to get from that page are:
Total Traffic: (ex.) 29 kB
Request:GET /server-status HTTP/1.1 (the Request part of the URL)

and I have to put them into a list that of objects to store the urls and the traffic that each request needed to be answered.

I have to put a new record in the list each time the server receives a request.
I have to write a php function to do that, but I have no clue how to start it. If you have some suggestion I'll be grateful.

Thanks again in advance.

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