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MySQLAdmin Tool Database Screen

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The installation of winmysqladmin Ver 1.4 (Win2000) appears to be working -- there are no Err File msgs and the Environment checks out. After I click on the Databases tab and want to create a database using the tool by right clicking on the database tree, then the pop up screen does not have the options listed as shown in the Help section titled The Database Screen, i.e. Create Database, Drop Database, and Refresh Databases. I do get the other options: Flush Hosts, Logs, or Tables. I can create a database using the CMD DOS function and it will showup in the Database Screen section of the tool. Question: How do I get the other database options, i.e. Create Database, to appear within the tool so I can create a Database etc using the tool rather then DOS? Thank you.

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No u cant create a database by a right click.


U have to get into mysql prompt


go to c:mysqlbin> mysql



and in that u have to use the syntax to create a database


if u want a GUI based u can download \"SQLyog\" which is a handy tool.

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