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cron able to send cookie data?

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The topic name might not explain it properly, so I'll try here ... my intention is to find a work around on some game limitations for several games I play because I move in a few days and wont be here while I'm on planes and for a day or 2 after I arrive.

The problem with this is that to send the post data to place things in build queues, I would need to be logged in. Since I wont be here to do it by hand and with the cookie on the system, I would need to login through the cron, or send the cookie data of current to the server so it sees "me" with exception that it needs to really be my cron doing it.

To give you a better example, I would click a ship name and enter an amount, then click build. It sends it off with a POST, then reads my cookie to check my login data before setting up the ship build in queue. I want to make it so my cron fakes being me and makes the server believe I actually went there, clicked the ships name, entered the numbers and clicked the Build button. I cant think of how i could do this properly though and I figure it would be a nice personal feature to use when I plan to be away for days at a time. Being that I'm moving, I'll be off the computer for at least 2-3 days during the move, and then I expect to be off the computer for 2-3 days every 2 weeks or so while I spend time with my fiance. Here, I have little to do with my time so I have time to check it every few hours when not working, but there I will have her to keep me busy so I wont be able to add new things every 4 or 5 hours.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure theres a way, but it evades me right this second. That, or it hasnt been made yet...

Thanks in advance,

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Take a look at [url=http://php.net/curl]curl[/url].

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