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variable variables not working for session variable


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Hello everyone,


I can get Test 2 to successfully operate the if statement using a variable variable.


But when I try the same method using a session variable (Test 1) the if statement is not executed. Please could you tell me why the if statement in Test 1 is not being executed?


#	TEST 1
$_SESSION[test_variable] = "abcd";
$session_variable_name = "_SESSION[test_variable]";
if ($$session_variable_name == "abcd")
	echo "<br>line 373, abcd<br>";

# TEST 2
$test_variable = "efgh";
$test_variable_name = "test_variable";
if ($$test_variable_name == "efgh")
	echo "<br>line 379, efgh<br>";



Many thanks,



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