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Seeking feedback on industrial website


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I am more of a programmer, rather than a designer. I'd much rather code and make the website do cool things, as opposed to make it look pretty. In short, I suck at designing. Could you guys please critique the following website? Its for an industrial company that sells printers and related equipment.




Being worked on:

- An image rotator in the top-right corner of the screen.

- The "Supplies" page. Please ignore this. I mainly want feedback on the landing page and the 'Products page'.

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Landing page looks good, and clean.  Little bit of alignment problem in FF5 on the right side of the lower division.  I also love a site that flows, and holds it's design throughout.  So the products page should mimic the landing page in it's overall design.  As it stands you have borders on the products page, and the divisions don't quite line up like they do on the Landing page.


On the products page, I don't like having to scroll to see all the info.  I think it would be better if you had some javascript tabs for the features, etc.  Same goes for the menu.

The colors are not a bad combination, and very easy on the eyes.  I would look into smoothing the site out a little, just seems to boxy.  Use some CSS to round off those corners.


Of course, this is all my opinion!

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