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wireless router configuration


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Is it just a router or a router/modem?


If it's a regular router then you plug the router's "in" to the modem's "out" and that's basically it.

If it's a modem too then you plug the phone line into it (instead of the modem), go to its configuration pages, and set it up according to however it needs to be set up (ask your ISP if you don't know).

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If your new "wireless router" is also a modem, which it sounds like you're saying, then you need to ditch the older wired modem. You'll be replacing it, not connecting the two together.


Generic advice: call up your ISP and ask for help setting up the new router/modem. This is a very good idea if you don't know what you're doing.



Go to the old modem's configuration pages, write down the information you find, then swap the new modem for the old one. Set that up properly so you can go to its configuration pages then restore the settings you wrote down. We can be more specific if you have model numbers for both modems.

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Okay, then it's much easier. Just plug everything into the right places: the modem has an "out" the connects to the router's "in", and the router's "out" connects to whatever used to be connected to the modem (probably your computer). If you want just the wireless connection then don't bother with that final cable, but if you can then it's a good idea - wireless connections just aren't as fast as wired connections.


Static IP addresses have nothing to do with the router. Do you have one because your computer needs to receive connections (like if you have a web or FTP server)? That will require port forwarding...

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