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google/microsoft 44 million euro's???

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          WebProNews - Google, Microsoft Surrender To Belgians
                          October 21, 2006

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Google, Microsoft Surrender To Belgians
David A. Utter | Staff Writer

Microsoft and Google have agreed to remove content managed by
Copiepresse of Belgium from their indexes, with Google further being
requested to pay nearly $43 million in fines.

Instead of battling with Copiepresse on its home turf in Belgium's
Court of First Instance, Microsoft chose to comply with the firm's
requests to remove German and French language articles managed by
Copiepresse from its websites.

A Forbes report cited Sylvie Irzi, from Microsoft Belgium, who said,
"Microsoft does not, for the moment, wish to enter into legal debates
with Copiepresse, and is provisionally complying with their

Despite the compliance, Microsoft does not necessarily believe
Copiepresse is in the right on this issue. But considering how poorly
Google fared in court against Copiepresse, Microsoft may be taking
the easy road out of this mess.

Microsoft also may wish to stay away from negative headlines in
Europe. The company has been fighting antitrust officials in the EU,
and their case will be heard eventually in the Court of First Instance
in Belgium, which is where its appeals will be heard eventually.

Google already had to display a copy of the court's decision against
it on its Belgian home page for five days. The company fought the
requirement, but finally posted the judgment at Google.be, in very
small print. [/quote]

Ok this is an email I got on there it mentions about google, and microsoft, and some other company I never heard of.  And some legal disputes over a website, what exactly does all of this related too?

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[quote]what exactly does all of this related too?[/quote]

Exactly what it says in the article you quoted.

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