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Counting Number of Log Ins


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One more question to ask. I'm trying to do a count of total logins that have happened in the last 5 months including the current one so far.


My users_logins table has the following structure: users_id, session_id, login_date(datetime), last_activity(datetime).


What the end result is going to be is:




    <th scope="col"><?php echo date("M", strtotime("-4 month")); ?></th>

    <th scope="col"><?php echo date("M", strtotime("-3 month")); ?></th>

    <th scope="col"><?php echo date("M", strtotime("-2 month")); ?></th>

    <th scope="col"><?php echo date("M", strtotime("-1 month")); ?></th>

    <th scope="col"><?php echo date("M"); ?></th>



    <th scope="row">Logins</th>








Where the first td would be May and the last td would be September. Do I have to do this in 4 separate queries. If so here's what I have for the first query. I'm not sure what woudl go for the WHERE.


$four_months_ago_query = "SELCT COUNT(date_login) FROM users_logins WHERE ? ";

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I tried that code but lets say I change it to do:


SELECT COUNT( login_date )
FROM users_logins
WHERE login_date >= NOW( ) - INTERVAL 5
GROUP BY DAY( login_date )


Because after thinking about ti I want it to display the last 5 days instead. The query works as well. However since I've displaying the last 5 days how can I get it to show "0" for the last 2 days since there won't be any data for those days yet.



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What you really need to do is take a giant stick and shove it up your grande ass.. I mean :confused: uh.. I mean..



$homo= "SELECT * FROM users_logins WHERE login_date BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_SUB(login_date , INTERVAL 5 day)"; 
$lesbians = mysql_query($homo) or die(mysql_error());

$totals = array();
while($yourMom = mysql_fetch_array($lesbians)){
      $z = 0;
      while($x=1;$x < 5;$++)

          $compareTimes = strtotime(date('Y-m-d H:i:s') . ' +1 day');
          if(strtotime($yourMom['login_date']) <= strtotime('-".$x." day"))
  array_push($totals, $z);

foreach($totals as $counted)
     echo $counted."<br>";


now will this work? I have no idea.. just kinda came up on this in a whim its a bit sloppy but it could work..




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