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Upload Script/ Dreamweaver

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Hey guys I have an upload script that works fine (so far) but once I go back into my Dreamweaver and try to upload a page to my server it says that it cannot connect to the server and that I have the wrong password (absolutely do not). I know this because I uninstalled and re-installed dreamweaver because I thought thats where the problem was but it appears be caused by uploading files through internet explorer while testing my script. What would cause this? Any Ideas how to fix it? I googled the heck outta the topic and its way to specific of an experience so im hope you guys could help me out. Thanks.


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1  check the Dreamweaver  setting

Site Definition - advance tab

Remote info

Access – FTP

FTP host – sitename.com

Login – XXXXXX

Password – XXXXXXXX 

Tick – Use passive FTP

Tick- Maintain synchronization information


2.It could be hosting server problem due to maintain works, please check with them.

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So I cant connect to my server through any FTP client which in doing some reading leads me to beleive that my ip address has been blocked by trying to many incorrect logins? As i mentioned though it is a home server and I dont think I set anything up like that myself so unless debian/linux has that as a default setting....Anyways thanks for teh help so far but im still stuck.


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