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function to load different language files


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I have a function to read terms from an array stored in language file as

function _language($term) {
if(!empty($lang[$term])) {
} else { $lterm = $term;}
return $lterm;


The problem is that I get the language code from url as ?lang=en or ?lang=fr; but I cannot bring this string into the function. How I can tell the function to read appropriate language file (fr.php or en.php or es.php) upon choosing language in ?lang=XX

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Thanks but you did not get my problem. I get language by $_GET; but how to load corresponding language file.

$language = $_GET['lang'];

Now I need something like this within the function



My problem is how to run the function for each language (e.g. 50 languages).

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Assuming that you want all references to the language file to occur through that function, you should probably use a class, but you could (probably, this is untested) do this using a function and a static variable to prevent the code from including the language file every time the function is called.


On the first call to the function, you would detect that the static variable holding the $lang array has not been initialized and then validate the $_GET (the $_GET array is a super global and is automatically available inside of functions) variable and include the correct language file, assigning the $lang array to the function's statically defined variable.

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