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Apache - pos sitewise rewrite problem?

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Hey all,


first time post, how you all doing. Good I hope! :)


I have a problem with an apache server I am running, some functionality that I had taken for granted does not seem to be there?


The servers I am used to working with are cobalt raq4\'s which run a modified version of red hat linux 6.2.

The new server is a plain redhat 7.3 baby.


Here goes:

The old server would accept page requests for www.xxxurlxxx.com/test.htm\' in all of the following formats:







the new server will only accept





Any ideas? I have been reading up on mod_rewrite that I have used extensively in the past along with content negotiation but cannot find a direct reference to this problem.


I want to be able to build urls in this fashion.




In the absence of a directory named test and a page named (see above) the test page is served. Test then explodes the url to get the final part, then explodes this to remove the - and .htm. This is then used to query a database to display the relavent info.


I would really apreciate any help or ideas people can offer.

Kind Regards


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