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Getting info from Mysql table

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Hello, this php scrip works fine, get the info from our clients, send an e-mail back to them and download a file all at ones, the only problem is that the client has to enter the main info (name, phone, e-mail) all over again if they want to upload a file, because the form to upload files has those entries, I want to delete those entries from that form, if I do this the scrip don't send the e-mail back to them but download the file ok, how can I get their main info form the login system?  because they have to be registered to upload files. Here is the form


// check to see if user is a valid logged in user

if (!$logged_in_user) {

  // if not, show an error message and a hyperlink to the login page

echo "<H3>Whoops!</H3><BR>";
        echo "To upload files you have to register, or login if you are allready registered.<BR><BR>";
        echo "<div class='powerftp'><A HREF='login.php'>login</A></div><BR>";
        echo "<div class='powerftp'><A HREF='register.php'>Register</A></div>";


    // otherwise, welcome the user and show main page content

// and a link to the logout page

echo "You are login as, ".$logged_in_user.".";


                        <div class="formcontent">Do you have a new project ready for

                          production? Just submit your project and file information in

                          the form below and a representative will contact you

                      soon. </div></td></tr></table>


                <td height="100%"><table width="100%" border="0">


                      <td width="60"></td>

                      <td><table align="center">

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"  method="POST" action="quoteuploadon.php" name="form" >

      <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=4 width="100%" border=0>


<TR vAlign=top bgColor=#7793ad>

                          <TD class=formtitle align=left width="100%" colSpan=2>Contact Information:</TD>


        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Your Name:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Name"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Company:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Company"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Address:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Address"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>City, State, Zip:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Citystzip"> <BR></TD></TR>


        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Phone Number:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40" value=""

            name="Phone">  <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Fax Number:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Fax"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>E-mail Address:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Email"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Preferred Response:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Responseby"> <OPTION

              value=E-mail selected>E-mail</OPTION> <OPTION

              value=Phone>Phone</OPTION> <OPTION value=Fax>Fax</OPTION> <OPTION

              value=Mail>Mail</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top bgColor=#7793ad>

                          <TD class=formtitle align=left width="100%" colSpan=2>Specify Project



        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Project Name:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Projectname"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Project Due Date:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Duedate">  <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Reference #:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text"

            name="Reference"> <BR></TD></TR>

<TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Copies Required:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text"

            name="Copiesrequired"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Artwork Provided:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Artworkprovided"> <OPTION value=None

              selected>None</OPTION> <OPTION value="Online File Transfer">Online

              File Transfer</OPTION> <OPTION value="On Disk">On Disk</OPTION>

              <OPTION value="Hard Copy">Hard Copy</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Flat Size:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Flatsize">

  <OPTION value=SelectOne selected>Select One</OPTION>

  <OPTION value=8.5x11>8.5x11</OPTION>

  <OPTION value=11x17>11x17</OPTION>

          <OPTION value=Other>Other</OPTION> </SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Finished Size:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Finishedsize">

  <OPTION value=SelectOne selected>Select One</OPTION>

  <OPTION value=8.5x11>8.5x11</OPTION>

  <OPTION value=11x17>11x17</OPTION>

          <OPTION value=5.5x8.5>5.5x8.5</OPTION>

  <OPTION value=Custom>Custom</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Stock For Color Copies:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Stockforcolorcopies"> <OPTION value="Select One" selected>Select

              One</OPTION> <OPTION value="60lb Laser">60lb Laser</OPTION>

              <OPTION value="80lb Laser">80lb Laser</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="32lb Futura Laser ">32lb Futura Laser</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="60lb Ultra Spec">60lb Ultra Spec</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="100lb Cardstock">100lb Cardstock</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="100lb Mega Dull Cover">100lb Mega Dull Cover</OPTION>

              <OPTION value="80lb Mega Dull Text">80lb Mega Dull Text</OPTION>

              <OPTION value="10 PT Kromekote">10 PT Kromekote</OPTION></SELECT>


        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Stock for Black and White


          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT

            name="Stockforbw"> <OPTION value="Select One" selected>Select

              One</OPTION> <OPTION value="20lb Xerox">20lb Xerox</OPTION>

              <OPTION value="60lb Opaque">60lb Opaque</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="70lb Opaque">70lb Opaque</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="60lb Laser">60lb Laser</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="80lb Laser">80lb Laser</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Print Covers On:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Printcoverson"> <OPTION

              value="Select  One" selected>Select One</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="100lb Cardstock">100lb Cardstock</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="100lb Mega Dull">100lb Mega Dull</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="10PT Kromekote">10PT Kromekote</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="This job does not require covers">This job does not require

              covers</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top bgColor=#7793ad>

          <TD class=formtitle align=left width="100%" colSpan=2>Complete This

            Section for Black and White Copies</TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Number of Originals:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><INPUT type="text" size="40"

            name="Bworiginals"> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>My Originals Are:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Bworiginalsare"> <OPTION

              value=SelectOne selected>Select One</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="Single Sided ">Single Sided</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="Double sided">Double sided</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Please Print:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Bwprint"> <OPTION

              value=SelectOne selected>Select One</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="Single sided">Single sided</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="Double sided">Double sided</OPTION> <OPTION

              value=Mixed>Mixed</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Collate:</TD>

                          <TD class=formcontent width="100%">

                            <INPUT type=radio value=Yes

            name=Collatebw>Yes<BR><INPUT type=radio value=No


        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Additional Information:</TD>

                          <TD class=formcontent width="100%">

                            <TEXTAREA name="Additionalbw" rows=3 wrap=virtual cols=40></TEXTAREA>



        <TR vAlign=top bgColor=#7793ad>

          <TD class=formtitle align=left width="100%" colSpan=2>FILE


        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>File Type:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Filetype"> <OPTION

              value="Select One" selected>Select One</OPTION> <OPTION

              value="PC ">PC</OPTION> <OPTION

            value=Macintosh>Macintosh</OPTION></SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=content align=left width="100%" colSpan=2>Click on the

            "BROWSE BUTTON" to select the "SEND FILE" to transfer your file to

            us. Please use <a href="http://www.winzip.com/">WINZIP</a> or <a href="http://www.stuffit.com/win/expander/index.html">DROPSTUFF</a>,

            works better if you  compress the file before you send it. 



        <TR vAlign=top>

                          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>Application Type:</TD>

          <TD class=formcontent width="100%"><SELECT name="Applicationtype">

  <OPTION value="Select One" selected>Select One</OPTION>

<OPTION VALUE="Multiple (Compressed)">Multiple (Compressed)

<OPTION VALUE="Acrobat (PDF)">Acrobat (PDF)


<OPTION VALUE="Excel">Excel

<OPTION VALUE="Fonts">Fonts

<OPTION VALUE="Freehand">Freehand

<OPTION VALUE="Illustrator">Illustrator

<OPTION VALUE="InDesign">InDesign

<OPTION VALUE="Pagemaker">Pagemaker

<OPTION VALUE="Photoshop">Photoshop

<OPTION VALUE="PowerPoint">PowerPoint

<OPTION VALUE="Publisher">Publisher


<OPTION VALUE="QuarkXPress">QuarkXPress

<OPTION VALUE="Other">Other</SELECT> <BR></TD></TR>

        <TR vAlign=top>

          <TD class=formlabel noWrap align=right>File Upload:</TD>

                          <TD class=formcontent width="100%">

                            <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="MAX_FILE_SIZE" VALUE="900000">

<input name="upload" type="file" size="25">



          <TD class=formcontent align=middle width="100%" colSpan=2>


<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Send Request">

<INPUT type=reset value=Cancel> </TD></TR></FORM>[/code]

here is the php code:

[code].secureserver.net', $user = "quoteupload", $pass = "quoteupload") or die("Unable to connect!"); /* change this! */

mysql_select_db("quoteupload") or die("Unable to select database!"); /* change this! */


$query="INSERT INTO quoteupload ( Name, Company, Address, Citystzip, Phone, Fax, Email, Responseby, Projectname, Duedate,  Reference, Copiesrequired, Artworkprovided, Flatsize,

Finishedsize, Stockforcolorcopies, Stockforbw, Printcoverson, Bworiginals, Bworiginalsare, Bwprint, Collatebw, Additionalbw, Colororiginals, Colororigare, Colorprint,

Collatecolor, Additionalcolor, Bookletspages, Numberofsets, Printcoveras, Printinsidetxas,  Flatsizebooklets, Finishsize, Covers, Printcoversonbooklets, Sigbooksaddinfo,

Stcklrgformt, Sizeposter, Lrgfrmtoriginals, Numberofprtforeaorg, Mounting, Laminating, Laminatingfilm, Thicknessfilm, Largeformataddinfo, Mailcontacts, Addresson, Extraline,

Contactson, Mailclass, Mailaddinfo, Filetype, Applicationtype)

        VALUES( '".$Name."', '".$Company."', '".$Address."', '".$Citystzip."', '".$Phone."', '".$Fax."', '".$Email."',

'".$Responseby."', '".$Projectname."', '".$Duedate."', '".$Reference."', '".$Copiesrequired."', '".$Artworkprovided."', '".$Flatsize."', '".$Finishedsize."',

'".$Stockforcolorcopies."', '".$Stockforbw."', '".$Printcoverson."', '".$Bworiginals."', '".$Bworiginalsare."', '".$Bwprint."', '".$Collatebw."',

'".$Additionalbw."', '".$Colororiginals."', '".$Colororigare."', '".$Colorprint."', '".$Collatecolor."', '".$Additionalcolor."', '".$Bookletspages."',

'".$Numberofsets."', '".$Printcoveras."', '".$Printinsidetxas."', '".$Flatsizebooklets."', '".$Finishsize."', '".$Covers."', '".$Printcoversonbooklets."',

'".$Sigbooksaddinfo."', '".$Stcklrgformt."', '".$Sizeposter."', '".$Lrgfrmtoriginals."', '".$Numberofprtforeaorg."', '".$Mounting."', '".$Laminating."',

'".$Laminatingfilm."', '".$Thicknessfilm."', '".$Largeformataddinfo."', '".$Mailcontacts."', '".$Addresson."', '".$Extraline."', '".$Contactson."',

'".$Mailclass."', '".$Mailaddinfo."', '".$Filetype."', '".$Applicationtype."')";


$result=mysql_query($query) or die("Error in query:".mysql_error());

//if ($result)

    //echo mysql_affected_rows()." row inserted into the database effectively.";





            print "Sorry, but the form cannot be sent until the fields indicated are filled out completely - <br>\n";

            print "$error<br>\n";

            print "<br>\n";

            print "<br>\n";

            print "Please use your \"Back\" button to return to the form to correct the omissions.  Thank you.<br>\n";




include ("uploadclass.php");

$upload_class = new FileUpload;

$upload_class->temp_file_name = trim($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name']);

$upload_class->file_name = trim(strtolower($_FILES['upload']['name']));

$upload_class->upload_dir = "php_uploads/";

$upload_class->upload_log_dir = "php_uploads/upload_logs/";

$upload_class->max_file_size = 5242880;

$upload_class->banned_array = array("");

$upload_class->ext_array = array(".zip",".rar",".ace",".tar",".jpg",".gif",".jpeg",".png",".xls",".pdf",".doc",".ppt");

$valid_ext = $upload_class->validate_extension();

$valid_size = $upload_class->validate_size();

$valid_user = $upload_class->validate_user();

$max_size = $upload_class->get_max_size();

$file_size = $upload_class->get_file_size();

$file_exists = $upload_class->existing_file();

    if (!$valid_ext) {

        $result = "The file extension is invalid, please try again!";


    elseif (!$valid_size) {

        $result = "The file size is invalid, please try again! The maximum file size is: $max_size and your file was: $file_size";


    elseif (!$valid_user) {

        $result = "You have been banned from uploading to this server.";


    elseif ($file_exists) {

        $result = "This file already exists on the server, please try again.";

    } else {

        $upload_file = $upload_class->upload_file_with_validation();

        if (!$upload_file) {

            $result = "Your file could not be uploaded!";

        } else {

            $result = "Your file has been successfully uploaded to the server.";



echo $result;


When I delete the name, address, e-mail form the form the php don't send the e-mail to our clients, how can I pull the info from the login system, thanks.

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just you mysql_fetch_array. example:
$user_info = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `memberstable` WHERE `username`='".$logged_in_user."'"));
then to grab the users email just do:
echo "An email was sent to ".$user_info['email']." with the information.";


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