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Hi there!
I have one problem. I'd downloaded script for TreeMenu. And Problem is:
When I have menu:
for exmpl.:

products ->
              papers ->
                              1. paper
                              2. better paper
              Meshes ->
                              1. blabla
                              2. blabla

problem is That in FireFox mozzila its works GREAT, but in F***ing IE its make a troubles... It s creating a line between PAPERS ans MESHES menu... You can see it on PICTURES below..

But if menu looks like:
Contact ->
                      1.Storage 1
                      2.Storage 2

and there is no subfolders its works in IE and FF good...
but if there is SubFolders IE makes unwanted line ..

Pictures: IE [img]http://www.swistar.magistri.net/ie.jpg[/img]

and FF IE [img]http://www.swistar.magistri.net/ff.jpg[/img]

Also i am attacjing code:
JAVASCRIPT: http://www.swistar.magistri.net/javascript.txt
CSS : http://www.swistar.magistri.net/css.txt
HTML: http://www.swistar.magistri.net/html.txt

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Sounds like there's a double border, or the absolute positioning is off because of a border/padding/margin issue.

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