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Wordpress -> Pass a variable into the page from the admin area


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I'd like to start with, I suck with wordpress (lol - I usually code things from scratch)


Well, okay.. Lets start here: (screenshots)




I hit edit right?




^^ I'm there now - from here on out I can explain what I want to achieve without screenshots :)


In this interface, I have seen something like this done before, I just know nothing about Wordpress' data handling and I tried googling it, but not knowing what its called kinda doesn't help.


They did something like:




I don't know if it shows up as $abc in the page, or do I need to use a specific function to access this information.. is that even what I think it is?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey thorpe man, where you been?


"Here man! Where you been?!"


Workin' hard :(


"Thats too bad man"




anyway, I had our catching up conversation for us (lol)



okay, basically, I wanted to pass a variable through with maybe a wordpress function, but instead of that I got slick and parsed the '[abc=123]' pair with php, since I'm amazing with php, I just never work with frameworks.. I'm almost always tasked to create new applications.


Thanks! :)

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I did, ask the question...


I jsut wanted to know if it was possible to specify a variable or psuedo variable from the backend of wordpress and have that variable accessible through a function or global variable in the themes page..


But I haxed it up already, so I don't need the answer, but I did ask, pretty much twice, thats the third time^^ Minus the question mark, still pretty obvious what I wanted to accomplish lol.

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