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How can I limit "word length"?


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I have a div 120px in width that contains a thumb nail and a title under it.

My problem is if a word in the title is over X (20+ I think) characters the div gets wider to hold all the characters in a word.


I can limit the string length with substr, but I want to limit the length of a word in a string.


How do I limit a words length?




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How would I use substr() to limit word length?


I can use it to limit a string like $title = substr ($title, 0, 100);


But I want to limit the size of a word in the string.


So if I have var thats $title = " A Cow Jumped Over The Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon" how can I change it to " A Cow Jumped Over The Mooooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooooooon" for the reason listed above.



Thanks for the reply

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Thanks All


The {word-wrap: break-word;} worked like a charm however I check with w3.org and it said "Property word-wrap doesn't exist :"  But I'm still going to use it, I played with it in ie7, 8 & firefox and it worked great.


I looked at php.net and wordwrap() may not do what I want because even though the index page will have thumbnails the picture page would need the full unbroken title or there abouts because the picture would have more room on it's own page.


Thanks again I'm going to work with them both more as I get more time tonight and tomorrow.

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