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PHP telecommuting jobs?

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I am pretty much qualified in PHP (and web technologies that can be used aside PHP for developing, i.e. CSS, (X)HTML, Javascript, AJAX, or let's talk about the buzzword web 2.0) and linux server administration for like 5 years experience under my belt. I hold a diploma (6 months) in software development but had to quit college due to personal reasons. I have done a lot of freelancing in the past, and to be frank, I just cannot manage all the work or maybe it was the type of clients I got that left me disheartened. I have got nice programming skills and have been praised for many times. (No, I just don't hate bragging about myself, but just giving you guys a general idea here.)

Ok, now I am looking for a 'work from home job' (full time) since I am in a country where almost 99.9% percent jobs require you to posses a bachelors or masters degree. I am not expecting too much salary although I previously had been getting good amount of per hour rate (25-35$). Maybe a flat $1000-1500 per month will do for me for now, as when your bank balance is zero, you shouldn't act like a king.

I have built a kind of informal (or at least not so formal) resume in text format and emailed to job openings I found in scriptlance.com. But it seems like, somehow those guys don't prefer to hire [b]asians[/b] or maybe even not 'bedroom programmers'? Anyone of you guys have experience in looking out for finding such a job? If so, where should I look for. I am sure, I am just looking in the wrong place.

I have tried craiglist, but it seems like, they look for more local or north american muscle.

Thanks for any guidance in the right direction and share your experiences please.

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