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I just recently developed an android app, it hasn't been published on the market just yet.  But would like some feedback on the website. Both the visual appeal and if it looks user friendly and straight forward.


How long does it take, when first landing on the page, to figure out what the app is for? Any recommendations to speed this up? I want even a non-tech savvy person to be able to recognize quickly how to sign up and what to do.


Here it is:



Please try to refrain from using the title of the website, so search engine results do not lead to this page. Thanks!

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Looks good.  My only crit is that your footer is unnecessarily tall, and gives me a vertical scrollbar.  'Thick' footers are all the rage, but if you don't have the content to fill one, then don't use one.  You could remove ~50% of its height, keep the effect, and remove the scrollbar from the pages entirely.

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