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Inventory Display

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no clue where to start on this one folks hope I am in the right place. I posted the same topic in the mySql fourm because I don't know which fourm this post should be directed toward. possibly both.

I have completed the basic layout of my site http://claireart.net/shell/mermaid.htm

in the open area I am looking to list catagorized thumbs of the items in the display any overflow I want to result with the display of scroolbars or an additionol page.

I have a mysql account on godaddy.

For each item I want to be able to put the following online folder ( mysql folder) and have is displayed in the open area

1.an item description and price
2.a thumbnail
3.full size picture of item

what is the best way to approach this task. is their scripts anyone can recommend...or even one that does it all?

Programs I have:
Ms Access
Ms Excell
Ms word
Evoia 3d
thats all I can think of for now

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