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Copying results to email address

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I am not an advanced user of PHP/MYSQL but I have gotten by on my pages using Dreamweaver. Currently I use the web-based PHP from my ISP and I would like to configure it so that when someone enters in data - it not only goes to my database, but copies me in email. Can someone give me an idea of how this might work?


Thanks ahead of time for your help




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The following code works for me (everything between dotted lines). The basic function is the mail function, and i have 4 variables that it takes, the $toaddress gets assigned your email address. $subject is what the subject header will be. $mailcontent is what will be in the body (the trickiest part) and $fromaddress is what will appear as the sender (you can leave this out if you want).



// create variables from form

$firstname = $_POST[Firstname];

$lastname = $_POST[Lastname];

$date = $_POST[Date];

$request = $_POST[Request];

$email = $_POST;



// send email

$toaddress = 'you@yourdomain.com';

$subject = 'Email Subject Line Here';

$mailcontent = $firstname.' '.$lastname"\n"$date"\n"$request;

$fromaddress = 'From: '.$email;

mail($toaddress, $subject, $mailcontent, $fromaddress);




This might look complicated, email me if it's unclear: dunkley@dunkleybrown.com


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