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hmm problem with php/mysql

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hi guys


i've recently dug a PC out of the box. the setup now is windows XP pro with IIS, php 5 and mysql 4. all works well as a nice little server, with a domain name too. for arguments sake i'm gonna say it's http://www.myserver.com


that works


however - i've installed a SSL cert on the server, etc, etc, which all works with php. the problem is when i come to using mysql from dreamweaver - i get a 404 error and some garb about the testing server.


has anyone managed to set up a HTTPS site on their own server? all my mysql clients can connect to the server, including phpmyadmin, the only problem i have is setting up connections from dreamweaver.







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so you want to setup a connections page? its in the tutorials sumwere, but dont put ur DName just put localhost

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