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it's not pretty. it has a charm about it, but mostly a nostalgic one that takes things back to the 90's. having a look around, it's apparent that you probably have a useful understanding of coding, but really, the design itself is pretty grim. back to the days of default fonts, hit counters, grey, etc. add a few animated GIF's and you truly have a 90's staple site. i wont comment on what i think of txt spk used anywhere else apart from a conversation.

i think you should take a look at CSS and try and work somewhat on your layout. I'm not a massive fan at all of frames, personally. the [url=http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php/topic,79168.0.html]Resources[/url] at the top of the 'Website Critique' forum for some ideas. Pick yourself some colours, find a site you like, and try and figure out why you like it.

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