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<input name OR id>


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What is the difference between the input attributes of 'name' and 'id'.

As in when is 'name' used to define an <input> field and when is 'id' used.

$_POST or $_GET globals are used to access the 'name' attribute by a php processing script, how do you access the 'id' attribute from a php script?


Thanks in advance

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Yeah as per above post. You could access ID element in php through ajax by extracting an element's ID (using jquery) and posting it to your php script as a variable. But I can't really see why you'd want to do that :)


You can also access an element's name via jquery but the more usual way is to use IDs.



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since you asked how to access the id attribute of an element, i'll give an example.. in the example I will show how to grab a filed value using jquery (javascript framework)


<form action='test.php' method='POST' onsubmit='testFunc'><input type='text' value'default Value' id='text_input' /><input type='submit' value='submit' /></form>

   var input_val
   input_val = $("#text_input").val();
   if(input_val != "default Value"){
     //probably do some AJAX here
   return false; //stops the forms default action


now you will also want to handle the form using PHP as well, just in case the user does not have javascript enabled, thus why I included the form tags and filled in the necessary information needed for PHP to handle it

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