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require from another sub-directory


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Hey all, I've been having an issue with require_once from another sub-directory. Origionally I had all my php files in the same spot but I wanted to make a library to clean things up a bit.


Atm I am trying to access my /subFolder/frame_work/sql/dbconnect.rem.php with require once from /subFolder/frame_work/account_data/accountHandler.rem.php. I have looked around a little bit and i know requires\includes looks in relative directorys. So one obvious solution would be to include the entire path name. "var/www/subFolder/frame_work/sql/dbconnect.rem.php".


My problem is I will be accessing this from multiple directories and on localhost the root directory is var opposed to my server which is public_html. I like to edit my stuff in localhost before going public with it and it is going to be a real pain if I have to keep switching var to public_html in every file before I upload. Is there any other solutions I could approach? Any responses would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Give me a good reason that you can't use absolute paths :D


Leave relative paths for basic relationships... ../../../ gets ugly


$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] and $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] will help with this

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Thank you for your reply, I had never looked into this really. I saw a couple posts about it but didn't quite understand it at first glance. Just tested it with a simple




Its just what I needed :], thank you.

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