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skip first 100 words ...

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rite will get straight to the point. I got a paragraph in mysql field, I want to skip the first 100 words and display the rest of the paragraph on a page. how would I do this using php ?

hope someone will be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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I have an example where I have an array that I wanted to do this for.


$text = "Whatever is in your DB field...";
$offset = "100"; //The amount of words to skip...

$newtext = skipWords($text, $offset);

function skipWords($text, $offset) {

$words = explode(' ', $text);

//If the total amount of words are less than the offset, then just return the whole string

if (count($words) > $offset) {
return implode(' ', array_slice($words, $offset));
} else {
return $text;



Assuming you are pulling the record into an array, then you could do this.

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