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How to deal with noobs. Really, I cannot stand this.

Far Cry

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I'm a Sophomore in high school taking a web design class just for an easy A. I have been doing HTML and CSS for about 2 years (since I was 14), then started doing PHP and MySQL for about a year, I am somewhat proficient with that. The class started out okay, but the past few weeks have been HELL. The teacher is learning CSS basically along with the rest of the class, and has no idea what she's doing. How do I deal with these noobs?!  :'( I can't handle this!

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I had a similar experience at college about 3/4 years ago. The tutor had no idea beyond the basics covered on w3schools, just teaching people bad habits and the wrong way to do things. Problem is the tutors are probably brilliant with MS Office software and such, but just get lumped covering those kind of classes too. I continually corrected him which I don't think made me his favourite student.


In the end though, it's a piece of piss so just ignore the voices screaming "standards" in the back of your head and give them what they want for the easy A.

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You'll get over it pretty quickly when you get a challenging job and realise that you are once again a newb.

very true.. take what you can out of the class, try to learn as much as you can on your own if the class is behind your skill level.. there is always something new to learn. What you really don't want to do is coast through the class not attempting to learn anything new on your own with the provided books etc.. then the class would be a complete waste.

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If you truly understand the subject then you should be able to teach your peers in class when they get stuck. Once you are comfortably teaching at the same time as the teacher, she might notice this and start giving you more advanced things to do instead of what everybody else is doing (this happened to a friend of mine in my German lessons when I was at school).


Or she will ignore you and you will just have to grin and bear it. In which case, do the assignments as quickly as possible and then start experimenting in whichever language you like best. She can't complain if you have done the work!

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