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Concept idea - Growth by visits (GrowMe.net)


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Lately I have been a part of a "new" concept, which I need some thoughts and ideas about. Has built up a template in any case, that works quite kurrant.


Website: http://growme.net


The point of the side is that you register and are given a worm (or other various creatures eventually). Once you have registered you as you lie in the database along with other various worms.

The worm will start with 0 views and 0 percent growth. To make progress, you must submit a personal link you will be assigned to your worm around to friends. (Views are restricted to IPs, of course)

When your first distributed worm has grown up to 100%, then go up in level, and will receive a new worm with different shape and color.


Give me your thought's? :)



Thanks in advance,


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