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Why won't this wrapper run my script?

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Here's the code I've been screwing with for way-too-long.
[code]#! /bin/sh
echo "Content-type: text/plain";
cd "${SITE_ROOT}/path_to_folder_of_script";
"php script.php -u http://www.__________.com/test/ -r";
echo "Script completed with exit code $?.";
exit 0;[/code]

The code I'm trying to run [color=orange]php script.php -u http://www.__________.com/test/ -r ;[/color] works fine and executes without a hitch from the shell.  however when I run it - [b]attempt to run it[/b] - from a browser by means of the wrapper file I continually get [color=red]Script completed with exit code 127[/color].  The code in question is a command line reindexing for my site's search engine.

Any ideas?  This has been driving me insane for the past three days.

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Removing the double quotes around the php command should help.  The other double quotes can stay.

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