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CSV Multidimensional Array

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I need to extract data from a CSV file and insert it into a MySQL database. I am able to extract the data, however I cannot figure out how to group it.


Sample File:

01  ISBN  Name of Book  Price

02  ISBN  Name of Book  Price


So far I have an array with the entire file (reading file with PHP):


Array ([0] => 01 [1] => 12345678X [2] => Title [3] => 120.00 ...etc.


How can I modify the array to create groups of four for each item? Each item is its own array?

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would do something like this.


$storage_array = array();
// Split it into rows
$parts = explode("\n",$file);
// For each row
foreach ($parts AS $v) {
// This one depends on the format of your file if they use tab it should have \t and so on
// Split into elements
$storage_array[$x] = explode("\t",$v);

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