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Not sure if I need to use PHP...

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Hello all!

I was referred here by a friend, and he was right about this place being informative! However, I am developing an interactive website for someone and I need to know if PHP/MySQL is the right technology to start researching. I am really familiar with HTML, but that's as far as that goes with web development.

Here is the laydown and purpose for the site:

The site is for a video game clan, and the leader wants to make something interactive for his members. When users go to the website, there will be two versions of the site dependent on the actions of the user. A [i]guest[/i] can view pages that display information that details the purpose for the site, and other static information.

Clan members can register a username on the site, and they will have access to more information than guests will. As a webmaster, I would like to be able to assign different 'levels' per se, to different users. Each level will give different abilities to that user, such as being able to alter member data on a timely basis.

One feature that will be prominent is a 'points' program of a sort. Members will be alotted points for their actions based on their actions in the video game, in turn I would adjust/add points to their profile (which would update automatically after adjusting). I would like also to have the ability to let members of a higher login level adjust these point totals, when I am not able to.

So, is this something that I can accomplish with PHP/MySQL? Any help would be appreciated!

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Ofcourse you can do it with php & mysql, but if there wouldn`t be a lot of users you could use txt instead of mysql, IMHO it would be easyer for you.

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I would say that most definitely mysql would be a better route for you do this then static text files.  One of the main reasons is that you will find more documentation regarding using mysql then you will processing of text files.

Now using a text file would be faster but there are serious security risks in doing that. Any one that could find the location of the said text file could simple open the file in  there browser and view all of the users information..

I think that your best bet would be to use php and mysql.

Good Luck,

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