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passing smarty variables help tnx

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Hello people, im sorry but i dunno if this is the right place to post this question.

Anyway i have already assigned a smarty variable and it appeared to my first tpl file. My problem is how can i pass my smarty variables to my second tpl file?

In my first tpl file i have a button there:
<input class="button" type="button" value="EDIT SCHEDULE" name="submit_edit"
    onclick="location.href='http://dev.hotcamsluts.com/modelcp/edit_schedule.php';this.value='E D I T I N G . . . .'">

So if it is clicked it will go to another php file and generate the second tpl file. I want to pass my variables in my first tpl file to my second tpl file. How can i do that? Help. Thanks

Cheers  :)

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You'll probably have to pass the values in the URL or create a database table that stores the information under some session variable and pass the session variable in the URL.

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