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Make a website like Google Maps

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Dear Friends,
I have a necessity to program from scratch and make a website that almost has the same functionality as google maps but for a different country altogether. I came to know that Ajax tehcnology was used to build this. I have around 4 years experience in PHP, javascript but never used Ajax until now.

I would greatly appreciate if some one would tell me from where do I start. Does anyone have any sample scripts that can give me a head start and improvise. Please any help regarding this would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Very Kind Regards,
Vamsee Vanaparthy

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I would suggest looking around the google website.  I believe they have an API you could use.  But if you're building it from scratch, you're going to have to get a map of the country in a digital format.  Then it's basically a drag and drop AJAX application as well as zoom functionality.

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