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My case statement is not working?


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My case statement is not working. What happened is that two students got a $markgrade of 61 and 67. So they both should get grade B but instead they both get Grade A. 1 student got 55 which should be grade C but gets grade A. why is it not following the switch statement?


    function outputModule($moduleID, $moduleName, $sessionData)    
    	  if(!count($sessionData)) { return false; }  
    $markTotal = 0;        
        	  $markGrade = 0;
        	  $weightSession = 0;
        	  $grade = "";
        	  $sessionsHTML = '';  
        	case ($markGrade >=70):
        	$grade = 'A';
        	case ($markGrade >=60 && $markGrade <=69):
        	$grade = 'B';
        	case ($markGrade >=50 && $markGrade <=59):
        	$grade = 'C';
        	case ($markGrade >=40 && $markGrade <=49):
        	$grade = 'D';
        	case ($markGrade >=30 && $markGrade <=39):
        	$grade = 'E';
        	case ($markGrade >=0 && $markGrade <=29):
        	$grade = 'F';
        	  foreach($sessionData as $session)        {           
        		   $sessionsHTML .= "<p><strong>Session:</strong> {$session['SessionId']} {$session['Mark']} {$session['SessionWeight']}%</p>\n";            
        		   $markTotal += ($session['Mark'] / 100 * $session['SessionWeight']); 
        		   $weightSession  += ($session['SessionWeight']);  
        		   $markGrade = ($markTotal /  $weightSession * 100);   
        		   $moduleHTML = "<p><br><strong>Module:</strong> {$moduleID} - {$moduleName} {$markTotal} {$markGrade} {$grade}</p>\n";     
     return $moduleHTML . $sessionsHTML;    } 

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You're switching on $grade, yet trying to make cases for $markGrade.  Further, cases cannot be used as normal conditionals.  You can only use them when you anticipate that your variable will equal a certain value, such as:


    case 0:
      echo $i;

   case 1:
      echo "\$i = 1";




So, just use normal if/elseif/else clauses.

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