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Pull specific data from SQL and group it (best way I can think to put it)


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Hey Guys,


I can get the data from sqlsrv but I can't figure out how to format similar to a crystal report.. i.e.


something like:


Find a specific customer number

Print out the number, plus the customer name then:

  find all the rows that have the customer number and print them.


I can get all the information obviously, but I'm not good enough with PHP yet to find similar to the above.  Here is how I pull my data out if your curious:


while( $obj = sqlsrv_fetch_object( $stmt)) {
                                                $reqshipdt = date("d M Y", strtotime($obj->req_ship_dt));
                                                $popstdt = date("d M Y", strtotime($obj->start_dt));
                                                $reqshipdt1 = date(strtotime($obj->req_ship_dt));
                                                $popstdt1 = date(strtotime($obj->start_dt));
                                                $datediff = ($reqshipdt1 - $popstdt1);
                                                $days = round($datediff / 86400); //gives how many days
                                                echo "<tr>";
                                                echo "<td>". $obj->item_no."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->item_desc_1."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->ord_no."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->qty_ordered."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->mfg_ord_no."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$reqshipdt."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->oe_po_no."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->prod_cat."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$popstdt."</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$days." Day(s)</td>";
                                                echo "<td>".$obj->planning_lead_tm."</td>";
                                                echo "</tr>";


Hope this makes sense on what I'm trying to shoot for. 


Thanks Guys and Gals.

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Ok not sure why this was moved to SQL Server since its a PHP question, but hey whatever...  :confused:


I'm getting close can someone elaborate:


           if ($conn === 'false')
               echo "Ooops!";
               $query = "SELECT * from customers";
               $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
                   echo "<br />";
                   echo $row['customerNumber']; //displays all the customer numbers
                   foreach($row as $cusno)
                            // This doesnt seem to be running...
                            $query2 = "SELECT * FROM orders WHERE customerNumber = '%s'";
                            $result2 = mysql_query($query2) or die(mysql_error());
                                    echo "<br />";
                                    echo "Got this far."; //not getting this far just here to see if I can as I run my page.

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Do one query that returns the data you need, then group it in php for display.


ex a query like

from customers
inner join orders on customers.customerNumber=orders.customerNumber
order by customers.customerNumber


then process it like:

while ($row=/*fetch row*/){
$custNo = $row['customerNumber'];
if (!isset($customers[$custNo])){
		'name' => $row['customerName'],
		/* .. other customer info fields */
		'orders' => array()

$customers[$custNo]['orders'][] = $row;



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