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Real time calculation via javascript

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I'm looking for assistance with creating a method that displays a total on a page without requiring form submission. Basically I have a list of  items that are populated from a db query using php. I list the item name, quantity field, item price, item total and grand total. Similar to:

Mishra's Workshop      [INPUT QUANTITY]    $250.00    [TOTAL]
                                                                  [GRAND TOTAL]

When you change the quantity I would like the total to reflect the change without having to submit the form. I would also like the grand total to behave the same as total. Is it possible to use javascript to accomplish this? If so, can you please give me an example or a link with more details. If you need more information let me know.



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Sure... you just need to have unique IDs/names for each element you want totalled, a JS hash with the lookups, and then some simple math.

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