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The 'Read More' link and the 'View this Bounty' link are far too close to each other and do exactly the same thing. There should be a line break between them.


Furthermore, the read more button should not direct the user away from the page and should instead just show the rest of the description like I thought it would. The 'View this Bounty' already takes them away from the page.


When you view the bounty there is a column to the left that has nothing in it. You should make the bounty page stretch out to cover that empty space, or keep the featured bounties in it.


The nav bar at the top could do with a css hover class attached to it so it shows to the user that they are hovering.


When you search for a bounty using the 'Find Bounties' bar, as the ajax is loading up your loading indicater spans across the screen and out beyond the right hand side of it. That could do with being made neater.


Other than that, its a nice clean site, nice work :)

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I agree that you need some CSS hover effects for the main navigation.  I'd also do away with its drop shadow entirely.  Shadows should follow the shape of the elements they're supposed to be stemming from.  It just looks sloppy if they don't.  If you're going to use a drop shadow, you should emulate what you did on the "Find Bounties" bar.  That said, I think the gradient can stand by itself without any shadow at all. 


In the "Find Bounties" bar, the "Bounty Amount" is too short, with the drop down arrow covering the 't' in 'Amount'.  The same goes for the last 's' in "# of Responses."

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