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resize code tags to read easier.

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I know the response to this will more than likely be 'its not a default setting so we can't do it' but here it is.


<code class="bbc_code"> for the 'code' tag in the forum.


It would be really awesome to be able to change the height of that 'code' box. Have a little anchor in the bottom maybe (in the same fashion as the textarea resize handle in FF). Then when someone has put a load of code in there you can simple drag the box out to use more your screen.

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We actually have a new version of the site and forums in development and are very slowly making our way towards a more liberal approach to these types of requests.


At some stage during this development we will be looking at this board for ideas, so you never know your luck.


Unfortunately, I seem to be the only person actually doing any of the development work and I am pretty flat out with my job, freelance commitments and other personal commitments so yeah, things are moving pretty slowly atm.


Thanks for the ideas though.

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