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Chat Problem

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I'm trying to design my own little chat room, which is mainly for
one-to-one discussions between myself and my clients which are
every discussion is logged and the client can have a version of it
emailed to them, this is simple for me to do, although i have one
problem, I wonder if anyone could help me...

Basically I have a frame and a text-box, and when the form is
submitted I was thinking how I was going to make a continus
script checking the SQL for "NEW" inputs on the chat if there
are new inputs then show them. without needing to refresh.

If i'm thinking of something impossible could someone explain to
me soemthing which you recommend?


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Wow, that's freaky. I just finished reading an article in Better Software the other day which explained how to use AJAX using an example exactly the same as what you are trying to do.

Here is a link to the magazine with the article name, but the content doesn't appear to be available online. You might want to check your library for it: [url=http://www.stickyminds.com/sitewide.asp?ObjectId=11196&Function=DETAILBROWSE&ObjectType=MAGAZINE&sqry=%2AZ%28SM%29%2AJ%28MIXED%29%2AR%28relevance%29%2AK%28simplesite%29%2AF%28many+layers+of+ajax%29%2A&sidx=0&sopp=10&sitewide.asp?sid=1&sqry=%2AZ%28SM%29%2AJ%28MIXED%29%2AR%28relevance%29%2AK%28simplesite%29%2AF%28many+layers+of+ajax%29%2A&sidx=0&sopp=10]The Many Layers of AJAX[/url]

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OK, I found the article online => [url=http://www.stickyminds.com/bettersoftware/magazine.asp?fn=cifea&ac=271]The Many Layers of AJAX[/url]

The only problem is that the images that contain the code are very hard to read.

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