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what on earth is the point in twitter


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ok... could anyone enlighten me as to the purpose of twitter for a business?


I don't get it.


Is it so people can talk about your site amongst others on the twitter?


Or am i meant to post endless crap on there in the hope that some sad ba$%ar! is reading it all. I've been clicking around a bit on a few twitter pages (the latest a member on this site) and i truly cannot see the point.


Facebook. Ok. Thats a business page displaying a bit of info and is pretty straighforward. Linked in, business contacts.


But asside from celebs and their stalkers. What on earth is the true beneficial purpose of twitter?


(all aside, i will undoubtedly get myself a twitter account at some point, but only acting on heard the mentality that 'everyone else is' and safety is in numbers. Also it seems popular for every site to have a bunch of the little social site icons littering every page)



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I was against the twitter rush for the longest time, but I finally caved in. I use my twitter feed for a mix of business and pleasure, however I typically read instead of tweeting myself. For businesses, it is good because it provides (and used to be one of the fewer) real-time interaction where you can have people follow see that you are having site issues, or a new feature was launched, etc. For personal, it's nice to be able to follow celebs or follow vendors and their news/blogs.

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Hmm, i hadn't thought about the aspect of alerting people when my site goes down. That's cool. However facebook can do that too, but i suppose sending a message from 2 sources isn't that bad. But then there's google+ too...


Are there any site that allow a business to upload messages to all 3 social sites in one go? That would be handy.



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