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AOL Browser Problems

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I have a site where a user registers their details and this is all stored on a MySQL DB.

Once the user has registered, they are sent an email to verify their email address.

Once this is OK, they can login and view other pages on the site.

All this works great appart from if your an AOL user.  As soon as you pass to another page, it states your not logged in.

I use sessions to pass data around the site and I understand AOL users/browsers have problems when using sessions.

Has anyone seen this before?

Are there any solutions other than telling all AOL users to use an alternative browser.

I was thinking of creating a unique random number each time a user logs in and pass this around to each page, similar to the SESSID.  (I understand I can't use the SESSID as this can cjange from page to page under AOL.)That way, I don't have to rely on sessions and AOL users will be happy.

How do the big sites such as ebay or amazon do it?

Many Thanks


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If you are relying on the referring IP address at all, that is your problem. The IP address changes all the time for AOL users.


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