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Could anyone help me?

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Hello everyone!

Now I know this may sound cheecky but i realy need some help!

I am making a VERY small website for someone, and basicaly This person has an Americas Army Game server, now, he has the server set up so that every now and then the server takes screenshots of everyone playing, and from them he can see who is cheating etc.

The problem is he doesnt want to enter his server to look at all the screenshots, he wants to access a page in which all of the screenshots from location X are automaticaly compiled and diplayed as a thumbnail image gallery which can be enlarged.

Would anyone be kind enough to help me out by writing a script that is capable of:

1) Taking the screenshots from perhaps another server.
2) Making them show on one page, all as thumbnails which are hyperlinked to the full versions.

any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is to an existing script which will work.



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The other server. Is it on the same network? If not you should try and set up a scheduled event where the game server emails or uploads the newer image to the web server.

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