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Video ReDirect Script???

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Ive been looking for a script, whether it exist I dont know.  What im trying to do, is make it where when you click on a video to watch on my website, it redirects you to a page, and automaticly embeds the video in it.  I find it would be much eaiser to do that, instead of coding a page for each video I have.

For an example:
When you click a video, it takes you to a new page.  And its automaticly built in with a .flv video.
I want it to be pretty much the same.  But im using a frame instead.

So Bascially

Click on video---->New Page Opens In Frame With Video Embeded---->Bottom Has a link to go back to previous page.

Thats it

I dont know if there is a script out like this, but if there is could someone post the code, or a place where I can get the .zip for it please?



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I'm not sure I understand the problem...
You want a link that takes you to a new page with embeded video?
doesn't that just require an object tag?

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