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Filter with Multiple Checkboxes


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Hi all, iv been trying to compile a script that will allow users to select multiple checkboxs that will filter results from db..but to no avail.  I have my data stored in mysql and have the queries saved seperatley. i.e. price = 0-500, 500-1000.etc.


What im trying to achieve is to allow users to select a checkbox that will execute that particular query and also more importantly allow them to select 'multiple' checkboxes that will filter the results accordingly.  I have never attempted to code this before although I am aware that it might involve arrays.  If someone could give me a nudge in the right direction that would be great :-)

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<input type='checkbox' name='money[]' value='1' />

<input type='checkbox' name='money[]' value='2' />

<input type='checkbox' name='money[]' value='3' />



$type = $_GET['money'];



foreach($type as $x){

  echo "$x\n";





You can look at the global by



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Thanks for the reply, Im not really sure how this will retrieve the information  from the database through each query though  :shrug:..im kind of a  newb at this area of coding!...Iv provided a link to what im trying to achieve, that will explain it better than i ever could.  http://www.dfs.co.uk/sofas/leather-sofas/


The dfs site filters results on the same pages but also combining each query when a checkbox is selected, i think there is some ajax involved in achieving this also..

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Yes you just send the value though Http Request <input type='checkbox' onclick='stuff(100);' />, and have a div as the callback, in php just echo the result back.


function init() {
		if	(window.XMLHttpRequest){
		return new XMLHttpRequest();					
		}else if(window.ActiveXObject){
		return new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
		document.getElementById('err').innerHTML = "Your browser seems to be out of date, Please update!"; 
}//end init 

function stuff(amount){ 

   	var req = init();

	req.open("GET",  "url.php?id="+amount, true);
	req.onreadystatechange = function() {
	    if (req.readyState == 4) {
	      if (req.status == 200) {
	          document.getElementById('callback_div').innerHTML = req.responseText;
}//end related


<span id='callback_div'></span>

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Thanks, il give that a try..should i create a seperate html file for checkboxes and include the php file or to keep it all as one, as i am currently using one php file and using echo to create the tables? possibly a dumb question but thought id ask  :-[

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yea true..i seem to have some part of it working so far..iv changed the GET url to one of my queries..e.g. price.php..this shows up whenever i click any checkbox option...Do i need to modify onclick='stuff(100); to the matching php file or am i completley missing something lol?  And also if more than one is selected will that combine the queries to narrow the results?


Thanks once again for all your help!

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