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How to skip a blank field in a form when posted


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I have a basicc form that takes users info and when they submit it it show on a new web page in the proper order. I need to know how do I skip a blank field. This form takes a users First, Middle, and Last name but many times they leave the middle name blank so I would want to skip this field from showing up when the form is posted. Here is what I have for the basic php script ..Would like to know how to skip a field if it is left blank on the form.


echo $_POST["First"], print "."; ?><?php echo $_POST["Middle"], print "."; ?><?php echo $_POST["Last"], print "."; ?><?php echo $_POST["Persona1"], print ".";<br />

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use isset


Um, let's not, since that won't work. A field that a users does not fill in a value for is still set - it just happens to have a value of an empty string. And, you should always use trim() on user input. Otherwise, a value of only spaces will appear as having a non-empty value.


$first    = trim($_POST['First']);
$middle   = trim($_POST['Middle']);
$last     = trim($_POST['Last']);
$personal = trim($_POST['Persona1']);

if(!empty($middle)) { $middle = $middle.'.'; }

echo "{$first}.{$middle}{$last}.{$personal}.<br>\n";


Although you should really think about using htmlentities() on the values to prevent any values that might be interpreted as HTML code from screwing up the page.

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Fair enough..but couldn't he just use empty


Threw this together real quick and it worked fine


<form action = "" method = "POST">
<input type = "text" name = "name">
<input type = "submit">


echo "set";
else {
echo "not set";


However, isset did not work as you mentioned above.

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