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Does It Make Sense to Have the PHP Email Validation Stricter?


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This question may be a bit philosophical. As of now I am trying to use:


filter_var($email_address, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)


Though in my opinion it allows a bit too much. Then again, is it necessary to have a strict email validation, what is your take on this?


It does allow:



And also: 



I do not know if there are email services which even allow an email like the first one, and I also found out that the validation also does not check for the extension of the email, then again, how necessary is it, and how good can you check for it?


What are your suggestions on this one?

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Premiso, I thought about this and I think you are right.


The programmers of these functions try to go by what makes sense, which I am glad about, and as you said it is a valid email nevertheless by the standards, thus creating a too strict function would work against this. Checking for the @ and the dot at the extension, and also to certain special characters in this case so that the email validates to the standards would be enough in this case.


They do follow procedures the way it is meant to be, which I am glad about as said.

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