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Not sure why this insert is failing using "$result = $conn->query()"


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An insert function is not inserting.  I keep getting "Could not store data, please try again."


After some probing, it seems that "$result = $conn->query($user_degree_insert_query); " is where the problem is.  Variables before it seem to pass testing.  I can't figure out why this line is messing thins up though.


Any idea?  Thank you in advance for your help!


The "//$degree_id = mysql_fetch_array($degree_id_query, MYSQL_BOTH) ;" is commented out because it was giving me trouble, i replaced it with the line above that


                $conn = db_connect();

	$arraycount = count($degree_Array);

	//loop through the categories chosen and add them each into member-category
	for($i =0; $i < $arraycount; $i++){ 
		$degree_id_query = "SELECT degree_id FROM degree WHERE degree_type ='".$degree_Array[$i]."'";
		$result = $conn->query($degree_id_query);

		//place the id found into the array, which automatically cancatonates it.
		$degree_id = $result->fetch_array();

		//$degree_id = mysql_fetch_array($degree_id_query, MYSQL_BOTH) ;

		$user_degree_insert_query = "INSERT INTO user-degree (
									`user_id` ,
								VALUES (
									'".$user_id."', '".$degree_id[0]."'

		$result = $conn->query($user_degree_insert_query); 	

		if($result) {
			header("Location: survey2.php"); 
		}else { 
			echo "<p>Could not store data, please try again.</p>"; 

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Does this line in your code work?



$degree_id_query = "SELECT degree_id FROM degree WHERE degree_type ='".$degree_Array[$i]."'";


Surely if you wrap a double quoted variable in single quotes it will be taken as a literal and not the value it represents?





Gosh, i just figured it out. 


$user_degree_insert_query = "INSERT INTO `user-degree`(


user-degree didn't have the surrounding  ``.   


Why is it that sometimes it seems i need these and sometimes not.

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Database, table, and column names may only contain alphanumeric characters and the under_score character. Using any other characters in the name, having an all numeric name, or a name that is a reserved mysql keyword requires special handling. The use of back-ticks `` around the name identifies it as a database, table, or column name that requires special handling. We generally suggest using a different name that doesn't require special handling so that you don't need to use any extra syntax to make them work.

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