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I have 3 simple questions please

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Hello all!
I stored my site on godaddy.com (some crappy,commercial and mass hosting company),
First of all ,I dont really know what server exactly running there? they write that "Linmu shared hosting" I d'ont familliar with this one and they don't give too much options to manage the server itself.

I need to solve 2 problems:

1)How I can disable the "Web page has expired" page? I kinda dont want users get this messages..
2) I want to protect the access to any folder in the site except the main one
  for example I want to allow www.blink.com/ and protect with password the www.blink.com/x
-I still want to access them , but I want the browser to ask a password for accessing the pages out there..

Thank you very much,

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Simplest way to deal with access would be to use a .htaccess file.  This is simply place in the directory you wish to be secure.  The webserver should automatical search a directory for one of these, and on finding one use it to authenticate users.  You should also consider including a robots.txt file (google this one)  so that you dont find the text displayed under a link in a search engin.  Do they not give you a controle pannle to do this?

As to the "Web page has expired" thing you should take this up with you hosting company.

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