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whats a safe number of MySQL inserts -

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i'm writing a script that filters some text for some data and then writes out an SQL file which contains an INSERT command to enter that filtered data into a MySQL database.


i want to know, how many INSERTS is it allright to make in one go via phpMyAdmin?

there may be upto 10,000 entries i want to insert, but phpMyAdmin would probably timeout before all of them are made so i want to break it up into multiple SQL scripts.



the user who will be handling this is running FreeBSD on a relatively fast machine using the latest version of phpMyAdmin.


if there's an alternative, such as MySQL CLI that won't time out with around 10,000 records, then feel free to make such a suggestion but give me an idea as to how i can do it because when it comes to MySQL, my knowledge is severely limited :/


thanks guys

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