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Variable to array


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Hello Guys.


I have a question here..


I have a photo upload script that uploads photos to the server and then sends the photo name to another page via POST.


I only have one var name called $image_all


when I echo it this is what I get (When uploading 2 files)

This is the list 2011-12-05_0751.png,2011-12-05_0747.png


I also tested with "explode"

 print_r(explode(',', $image_all, 10));


and I get this


Array ( [0] => 2011-12-05_0751.png [1] => 2011-12-05_0747.png [2] => 


What I would like for it to do is assign an incremental var name to each image uploaded and passed in the POST.


Like this


$image1 =  2011-xx.png

$image2 = 2011-xx.png

$image3 = 2011-xx.png


It should created the variable names dynamically based on the number of images (Up to 10)


Thanks for your help!




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Here's some code, but why not just keep it in an array if I may ask...

$offset = 1;
for($count =  0; $count < count($image_all); $count++)
$varName = 'image'.($count + $offset);
${$varName} = $image_all[$count];

echo $image1;
echo $image2;

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And what is not clear? :)


Take for() loop and set variables. I think it's better to use an array but not a set of variables:




for( $i=1; $i<=10; $i++) // may be not 10 but a number of loaded images

  $images[]=sprintf( '2011-%02d', $i );


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