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Facebook pages and Amazon S3


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Hi Guys


I have been banging my head trying to get this to work.


I am just trying to iframe content from my Amazon S3 bucket into a facebook page via the facebook app. When i do it off my server it works fine. When i do it via the bucket i get an "method not allowed" error.


I read around a lot and a few posts say it's because facebook uses the GET method whereas Amazon S3 uses the POST method to transfer data.


The thing is i chose amazon because i could acess content through both http and https but i don't know how to get facebook to play ball with amazon S3 and i don't really want to spend money on a ssl certificate for my server for such a simple thing.


Does anyone know of a work around ?


Any yes, i feel it's important to serve both http and https as a lot of people use the secure privacy setting and won't get to see the content if it's not https.



What i want to achieve is so simple and yet again the facebook makes it impossibly hard!  >:( HATE FACEBOOK!

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